About Us

BIO FOOD CO., was formed in the year 2008 by Herbal Tea enthusiast, RAJA & VEILA members of traditional family involved in the exports of Herbs & Botanicals of Indian Origin for the last 10 decades managing the fourth generation company.

In 2008, they formed BIO FOOD CO to start manufacturing Herbal Tea for various wellness. Since 2009 BIO FOOD CO began to pack and market, its range of Herbal Teas to supermarkets all around India and Global market

The company has attained uncompromising high standard for its quality. BIO FOOD CO run by professionals with knowledge on cultivation, procurement, process & packing of Herbs for four generations, with traditional touch and innovation, on Herbal Tea processing. Raja and team are constantly finding ways to come up with new product line for herbal wellness.

Being the forerunner & pioneers in Herbal Teas, the company is making in road for new products for Indian & Global market.

Herbal teas are naturally caffeine free, and they are a perfect fit for active and health-conscious lifestyles of todays generation. 

BIOFOOD CO was created to bring the wonders of herbal tea to India and make it accessible for everyone to enjoy its taste and health benifits.We use the finest of herbs and it is 100% natural without any other additives 

Sip a Cup of our Herbal Tea and Enjoy!