Genkii Tea

Genkii Tea

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Genkii Tea :


* Controls blood sugar level

* No side effects

* Can be consumed along with your regular diabetic medication

* 100% Gymnema Sylvestre Leaves

    Genkii Tea's main benefit is to control blood sugar level.

    The ingredients of Genkii Tea is Gymnema Sylvestre Leaves, a herb grown in Southern Tamilnadu and widely used in Japan for control of blood sugar. The important active ingredient of the Gymnema Sylvestre Leaves is called "GYMNEMIC ACID." Gymnemic Acid prevents taste buds from being activated by any sugar molecules in food. It also inhibits the intestine from absorbing sugar molecules from your food, thereby reducing blood sugar level.

    It is recommended to drink GENKII TEA after eating your regular meal.

    GENKII TEA can be used alongside your regular diabetic medications.

    Since it is a pure herbal infusion, there are no other side effects.

    Genkii Tea bears the name GENKII, a Japanese word meaning WELLNESS.

    How to brew the perfect cup of tea:

    How to brew the perfect cup of tea

    Brewing time is different for different herbal teas:

    Genkii Tea : 3 - 4 minutes

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