How to Use

BIO FOOD COs HIP TEA helps everyone with their Slimming and Laxative effect because every individual is unique and special and everybody deserves to be looked after with special attention. Here are some simple steps to get the most out of your HIP TEA

  • Make sure you use boiling water to make your tea. The temparature of the water is better if its more than 95 0 c . Pour a cup of boiling water over on the tea bag 
  • If the Tea Bag is left in water for about to 3 minutes, it will give you a mild tea with a light color 
  • If it is kept in water for 4 to 6 min. it will give you a regular strength cup 
  • A lemon or honey can be added to HIP TEA to add flavor and taste 
  • It is recommended that HIP TEA is taken just ONE cup a DAY after dinner as it developes bowel movements within eight to twelve hours depending on individuals body 
  • If you generally have bowel movement once a day, it is recommended that you have one cup of Tea (One Tea Bag) after dinner everyday. 
  • Adjust your intake of tea according to your bowel movements